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Girradoola Going Places: Just to let you know about us!...

Who are we?  Girradoola Going Places is a group of interested community groups and residents who are passionate about:  Community connection, pride and spirit.  Developing a vibrant community.  Challenging the myths about the area.  Strengthening the community's ability to initiate local solutions.

What do we do?  Girradoola Going Places involves local people in:
Bringing people together to meet regularly.  Talking about ideas and dreams for our community.  Identifying the strengths in our community.  Planning and participating in local events and programs.

Who can join?  Anyone who has a genuine interest in contributing to the Girrawheen and Koondoola areas is welcome to join.

We currently gather monthly at various local meeting places.  Come along and join us...

For details Contact Michelle 92472477  Margaret Quirks MLA Member for Girrawheen {Office}

Meeting:  Wednesday  12.30 pm till 2.30 pm check for dates.

Email Girradoola Going Places

If you would like to become a member and have access to the contact list email us for details...